3 Martini Lunch

This a raw recording of the set I played Friday 8-24-12. I had a lot of martinis and a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone that tuned in during the live broadcast. Cheers and enjoy!

P.S. I’ll add a track list here later, check back…


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16 comments on “3 Martini Lunch
  1. MTB says:

    AWESOME mix brotha!!

  2. Mark Bolgars says:

    Sophisticated sound!!!

  3. Voodoo Lopez says:

    A big blast! good one! summer don’t stop at Dogglounge!

  4. haui says:

    Awesome LIVE-mix Odogg! Heard it next day once more – because rec. Hope U`re ok – because your “Cinema-end-of-a-Djmix 🙂
    Thanks for share!!!

  5. Gary Cat says:

    thanks Odogg….for bringing back that wonderful friday afternoon….

  6. Marvelous set, Odogg!!! I like it very much. There are many my favourite tracks in it.

  7. ~Deejay~K*SPIRIT says:

    So Good….Thank You! 😉

  8. this is sublime mixtape…reminds me of the ben watt and jimpster

  9. Tomas Wang says:

    This is why Odogg is ‘TOP Dogg’ @ Dogglounge ;`)

    Adding this to my collection of remarkable mixes for posterity!!!


  10. gualtiero says:

    Kept my speakers pounding during aperitivi, lunch and dinner @ ibiza vacation, very stylish.

  11. Darren says:

    it’s good to hear your selection again, old and new definately works, missed it on the DL. Thank you for an awesome mix!

  12. CALVIN says:

    sUPER mARTINI sERIES sELECTION as usual^^^^ Thanks Odogg!!!

  13. G Sotero says:

    Odogg man…please what is the track coming in at 2:07:15…?


  14. CONTROL-C says:

    Ooh that piano at 27m.27s…

  15. Rene Marly says:

    Odogg the best !!!

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