Brasilia Sounds with Bell Mesk 05 May 2010

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6 comments on “Brasilia Sounds with Bell Mesk 05 May 2010
  1. MasterTeenik says:

    As every time, a real great Mix Session, B:I:G 😀

  2. Bell Mesk says:

    Thanks MasterTeenik

  3. dj enigma says:

    Sick mix bro!! love the groovey baselines in the first few traxx!! anyway to get playlist, love to spinn this dope here in Canada.

    PeAcE~~ dj enigma

  4. tonus says:

    bell mesk is the bomb diggity. Always bumpin tunes that make chicks at a Saturday night party (like yesterday) want to get down. Oh yea!

  5. Bell Mesk says:

    Thanks peeps

  6. kman says:

    AWSUM! bell’z DUH MAN!

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