catalyst: dl096 – wreck

Recorded live on 2019 June 2 here at the station.

I was just out of control on this one – and I don’t mean in a good way. There were just a few songs that didn’t fit with their prior, or following, songs as well as I wanted. I just didn’t feel like I had a handle on the set.

I’m actually just being hard on myself; it isn’t terrible. It’s just that – at the time – it felt like it was a ship wreck.

Track list at the mixcloud page for this set once I get it there.


Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it's melodic, and epic.)

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  1. Passharg says:

    Happy summer , cheers! 🙂

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