catalyst: grilled

silouhette of seated man on african desert with orange sunset behind him

silouhette of seated man on african desert with orange sunset behind him

Recorded live at on Sunday, 7 August 2016.

I had guests coming over for a backyard BBQ dinner after the set. It was hot out, and we’d be eating hot BBQ ribs. So, “grilled”. Note: This set is about 10 minutes short of my normal 2 hours; I had to quit early to pick up all my DJ wiring before guests arrived.

Thanks to all those in chat. It’s always nice to have people supporting the DJ’s ego. 😉


  • Love Hangover (2016 Remix), Joey Negro
  • Seeing You (Richard Earnshaw Remix), Eli Escobar, Richard Earnshaw
  • Day Dreaming (Original Mix), Tebogo J, Komplexity
  • Still In Love (DJ Spen Remix Long Version), Shuya Okino, Natasha Daya, DJ Spen
  • Can’t Get High Without U (2016 Remaster), Joey Negro
  • La Musica (Original Mix), BSJ
  • I Have The Faith (Gifted Should Mix Joe Smooth), Faith Howard, Gifted Souls
  • Not This Time (DJ Fudge Classic Remix, Namy, Kathy Brown
  • If Only I Could (Liem remix), Liem, Steve Lucas, Fusion Groove Orchestra
  • Heavenly, pres. Dana Weaver (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Mix), DJ Spen
  • Vicious Cycle, feat. Jayne-Anne Power (Kinky Movement Kinked Up Mix), Lunabass
  • I Am Blessed (Azza K Fingers Club Mix), Mmelashon
  • The Journey, J. Axel
  • For Eva, Florian Muller
  • Reflexiones (Original), Ovidio
  • Eat Your Friends, feat. Shoffy, TÃ…CHES
  • Embrace (Dany Kole Remix), Goldroom
  • Ceilings, feat. Laura Barrick, Jimpster
  • Keep It Up (Flaming Soul Deep Remix), Dave nash
  • Socialism Theory (Original Mix), Dave Nash
  • King, feat Bixby (Original Mix), Julio Bashmore
  • We Play Pads, Luv Jam & Jimpster

Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it's melodic, and epic.)

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  1. Thanks, Jerry – I’m gonna get around to doing a full 2 hours of Gospel House one of these days. After all – I’m spinning on Sundays, and a believer! Keep listening; you never know when ! 🙂

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