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No Yes

No Yes

Recorded live at on Sunday, 11 Sept 2016.

September 11 is a difficult day for me. It is the anniversary day of my wife’s and my wedding, so it ought to be super-happy.

But it’s also is the anniversary of the tragedy that happened in NYC, when planes hit the World Trade Center, killing over 3,000 people. This evil gets remembered by society at large on this day, so it’s difficult for my wife and to feel like it is a wonderful anniversary day. (For many years, we left the USA during this date just to escape the press remembrances.)

So this day’s set was about saying “No” to being dragged down by the terrible memories (and “No” to the evil they represent), and “Yes” to being uplifted by remembering the wonderful years with my wife (and “Yes” to good music). I didn’t make a full-on “love” set; just played happy music that my wife was happy to hear while I played.


  • Bells 5, Mount Kimbie
  • Mercyless feat. Wayne Tennant (Fred Everything & Olivier Desmet Remix), Fred Everything
  • Be There (Original Mix), Walking Shadow
  • Brazil down (Original Mix), Frank West
  • Ceilings feat. Laura Barrick, Jimpster, Laura Barrick
  • My Bluff (Extended Version), Audio Soul Project
  • For the Faint of Heart (Original Mix), Arithmetics
  • Bang the Box (Original Mix), Little by Little
  • Do Me Right, feat. CIN (Original Mix), Erik Faust
  • Different Things, Jonny Bee
  • Shovell The Drum Warrior, El Recorrido feat. JD73, Wolfgang Haffner (Original Mix), Acid Mondays
  • Room 003 (Dub Mix), Onur Ozman
  • Work.Groove, Homero Espinosa, Mark Farina
  • Go On Then, feat. Jim Cooke (Original Mix), Kate Simko, Jem Cooke
  • The Deeper I Go (Mr. V Remix), The Wizard Brian Coxx & Roland Clark
  • Don’t Call Me Baby (Serious-Man Remix), Madison Avenue
  • My Love Is Underground (Original Mix), Hector Couto
  • Hard Yards, feat. Astral T (Original Vocal Mix), Domsko
  • Side 2 Side, Dominic Martin
  • Bring the Beat Back (Original Version), Mr. V
  • Raw Cuts #3 (Original Mix), Motor City Drum Ensemble
  • Close, feat. Mnek (Original Mix), Sub Focus

Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it's melodic, and epic.)

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  1. Interestingly, I ran most of the set at 120 rpm +/- 2. It’s mid-point between Jemaho’s beloved 115, and the typical Deep House 124-126. I liked the vibe at this mid-point. Maybe that has something to do with the appeal.

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