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Recorded live at Dogglounge on 2016 Oct 29.

This was an impromptu set. It was Saturday morning, and I had nothing to do, and felt musical. So I jumped on before Neonlogic played, which meant my set could only be one hour.

Thanks to all the loungers in the chat room (Dorfi, Miguel, and many others whom I can’t remember right now! 😉 )


  • Feeling Good (Hugging Caio Deep Mix), Harley & Muscle, Lisa Shaw
  • The Great I Am (Spiritchaser Remix), Muzart
  • Cloud Nine, Feat. Mr. Shy (Q Narongwate Remix), Luyo, Marco Finotello, Q Narongwate
  • Hotline Bling (AXB Remix, Clean), Sam Smith vs. Drake
  • Caught Up Tiger (Darko Kustura Remix), Thomas Dieckmann
  • Air Race (Spiritchaser Remix), Raxon
  • Wordz (Steve Bug Remix), Affrica, Ron Allen, Steve Bug
  • Skratch (Lukas Dumoulin Remix), The BeatFuckers Project
  • It Came From There (Suspended Animation Vox Mix), Tier Ra Nichi
  • The Howling (Ilias Katelanos Remix), Soulight

PS – and yes, I know the name of this podcast is super-similar to my one named Shorty. But I didn’t remember this until after I’d done the artwork & the MP3 mastering, and didn’t want to re-work it all. So, there ya go.


Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it's melodic, and epic.)

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