DJ Markyb

Based all the way from London, UK… DJ Marky B first became interested in turntable mixing in 1983. He was hooked on the early 80’s Electro/HipHop scene and the sounds coming out of the streets of NYC from DJs such as Whiz Kid, Grandmaster Flash and Grandmixer DST. While being into HipHop, Breakdancing and Graffiti/Subway Art from an early age, his turntable skills progressed at a rapid rate and was very popular locally for his mixing, scratching and turntablism skills whilst even still at school, taking lots of time out of studies to find those rare and hard-to-find break beats that everyone heard sampled and wanted, but didn’t know where to get.

After leaving school he hooked-up with a group of guys (known as the Masquerade Roadshow) who were a well-established group on London’s sound system and underground club scene. With these guys he showcased his skills at Europe’s biggest street party, the Notting Hill Carnival on numerous occasions. Whilst still being into HipHop, he found himself also taking an interest in the early House scene coming out of Chicago in the mid-late 80’s and whilst still building up a fine collection of Rap, his knowledge was also building up of House and the various sub-genres that you still hear the sounds of today.

As a general music lover, DJ Marky B’s collection of music ranges from aforementioned HipHop and Rap to Funk, Drum & Bass, RnB and most forms House music, ranging from the Deep to the Techy, Funky and Minimal sounds.