DJ Channing | Return

Spinning from the mile high city but originally from NYC, DJ Channing is known as the "King of Deep."

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11 comments on “DJ Channing | Return
  1. nono says:

    This is the best deep house music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nono says:

    Thank you Channing!

  3. djchanning says:

    Hi nono,
    Thanks for listening and commenting on the set, glad you enjoyed 🙂
    More coming very soon.

    Keep It Deep,

  4. Voodoo Lopez says:

    Great one! Thanks for share it!

  5. djchanning says:

    Voodoo! My brother in the beats, it’s a pleasure. Thanks

  6. J-Tru says:

    I’ve been rocking this mix since it came in on my podcasts. You make all these beats bro?

  7. djchanning says:

    Whats up Jonathan! Glad you’re feeling that Return set, more to come soon. I’m not making beats (yet) but here is the tracklist.

    Thanks for listening.

    1 One Wish (Original Mix) by TWIDDL
    2 Yum Yum (Pablo Martinez Smooth flex) by Luka, Sio Blackwidow
    3 Love Philosophy (Original Mix) by Born To Jam
    4 Piano Ready (Original Mix) by TWIDDL
    5 Chill Pill (Original Mix) by Cool Affair
    6 Eye of the Owl (Raphael Raban Remix) by Luca Barletta
    7 Little by Little (Original Mix) by Mighty Real
    8 Killer Fonk From Outer Space (Original Mix) by Replika
    9 The White Hole (Paul2Paul Remix) by Rockstar
    10 Luxury (Charles Webster Mix-1) by Luka, Jaidene Veda
    11 World Is Round (Original Mix) by Discouraged Ones
    12 Crescendo (Original Mix) by Self Explanatory
    13 Ordinary Beings (Original Mix) by Phonetic Brothers
    14 Wanted (Original Mix) by true.dat
    15 Love Moves (Original Mix) by Brodanse
    16 Ask yorself (Original) by Berny
    17 Rainy Day (Original Mix) by David Ismael
    18 Wasn’t Really Worth My Time (Sunday Dub) by Flash
    19 Tempter (Deep Code Remix) by Rafven3
    20 Busted (Original Mix) by Miss Mills
    21 Remember Me (Sand Isle’s Pseudo Bounce) by Minimal Groove
    22 The Message To A Black Man (A Forgotten History) (Original Mix) by Rocka Fobic Deep
    23 If You Really Want Me (Original Mix) by true.dat
    24 Civil Barbarian (Soul Minority Remix) by Secret Souls
    25 Groove Jet (Original Mix) by Love Pacific Industries
    26 Melbs (Original Mix) by Vincenzo, Mic Newman
    27 Making Love (Rob Hardt Electrified Dub) by Cool Million, Jeniqua
    28 Mind & Matter (Original Mix) by Tamandua Twist

  8. J-Tru says:

    omg i love you so much right now. I

  9. J-Tru says:

    omg i love you so much right now. i am a deep house deep soulful house song writer producer. not a dj. and i was wondering how you guys made so many dope ass beats. but man that shit is dope as hell bro.i just do it cause i love it. and it pays for it self over time.

  10. J-Tru says:

    that playlist is what i have been looking for. you definetly have an ear for mixing like tracks for sure.

  11. J-Tru says:

    the royalties for me are usually 10 years or so behind me. sorry for posting so much im hiding out from the hurricane coming thru ATL and im in the studio mashing it up, staying lit.

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