Dogglounge iPhone Web App


Now you can listen to Dogglounge with your iPhone by going to:

This feature will allow you to do some multitasking while the DL streams to your iPhone (except for the Safari web browser, oh well we’ll take what we can!).  Just visit the link with your iPhone and select high bandwidth (128k) or low bandwidth (56k) then hit play when the Quicktime player pops up.  Hit the home button now and you’re free to run other apps as the DL plays.  Woot!


Founder and ongoing developer of Dogglounge Radio, playing a 24 hour continuous stream of deep & sophisticated house music grooves with weekly live DJs from around the globe.

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6 comments on “Dogglounge iPhone Web App
  1. brianMPLS says:


  2. Johan says:

    Doesn’t work on my iphone . . .

  3. hannes_47 says:

    awesome ;-))

    Now all what I need is a “now playing” feature

  4. dj_shuze says:

    Excellent. Can’t through the day without my dogg-fix.

  5. portela says:

    Great! Works good on my iPhone
    thanks! 4 the web app Doggloungeradio

  6. Fab says:

    Dozsnt work for me top ? What’s the solution ??

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