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We’ve changed our Twitter script so that the Dogglounge Twitter page will only tweet when there are live broadcasts from now on.  Before we were tweeting every song that played and that was a bit overwhelming, especially if you had SMS enabled.

So, now it is safe to enable SMS messages from Dogglounge.  All you got to do is select that little phone icon (make sure you follow us first) and make it green and you’ll start to get text messages to your mobile phone whenever there’s a live show.  How awesome is that?!  Never miss a live show again!


Founder and ongoing developer of Dogglounge Radio, playing a 24 hour continuous stream of deep & sophisticated house music grooves with weekly live DJs from around the globe.

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4 comments on “Dogglounge Tweets
  1. Flame says:

    THAT’S GREAT!!!!!!!!

  2. rick says:

    hlwcool is that

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