FUN Beleza & Estética by Bell Mesk

01- Soul Creation feat. Stephanie Cooke – Youre Special (Doruk Ozlen main vocal)
02- Park Street feat. Kaysee – Dont Wanna Let You Go
03- Amana Melome – Caterpillar (At Jazz remix)
04- Jake Island feat. Alec Sun Drae – Can You Feel It
05- Kings Of Groove feat. Andrea Love – Dreaming About You (original_mix)
06- The Jaffers feat. Rachel Claudio – Be Good
07- Ralf Gum feat. Daniel Thomas – Higher High (Ralf Gum original disco attack mix)
08- Deep And Soul Project feat. Danny – This Light (Weve Seen)
09- Musol feat. Diana Waite – The Solution (Central Avenue rework)
10- Dennis Ferrer feat. K.T. Brooks – Run Free (Tomo Experience remix)
11- Marquito – Around Love (original)
12- The Layabouts feat. J-Key and Shola Phillips – Stand up (Kenny Dope remix)

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9 comments on “FUN Beleza & Estética by Bell Mesk
  1. DJ DubC says:

    Top Selection and Mix,,Bell.

  2. kman says:

    hey Mesk…is the part @ 22:20 Jake Island or Kings of Groove? thanx bro!

  3. Bell Mesk says:

    Kings Of Groove feat. Andrea Love – Dreaming About You (original_mix)

  4. kman says:

    oh man this is driving me nuts Bell…@ 22:20 that’s this trak?

    i don’t know man…@22:20 it sounds nothing like kings of groove…not according to the traxxsource track…please help bell!

  5. kman says:

    bell, i hear “can you feel it”, then a track that doesn’t sound anything like kings of groove, than “be good”…i could be wrong, but i think the trak between “can you feel it” and “be good” isn’t kings of groove but something else? i like this trak so much that’s why i’m scratchin’ my head…thanx yo.

  6. Bell Mesk says:

    correct ID KEVIN BRYANT – Who You Wanna Be (ananda project main vocal mix)

  7. kman says:

    thanks so much man!peace…

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