• dylan dee posted an update 8 years, 2 months ago

    Shout out from the Jungles of Africa. Been in the Deep House Music in SA for over 25 years and have to congratulate all the guys & gals that add meaning to my life with the sets and comments on the site. It’s a New Year for us all…time to leave the past behind with all the pain & sorrow….remember the fleeting feelings of love….and look forward to a fab year for us all! Voodoo Lopez…what is left to say about you….your choice of music and quality of mixing is superb – you the best man. Would love to get over here to spin your magic!~

    Good Luck for 2013 everyone….as Voodoo said…its time the snake sheds its skin and becomes the dragon!!! Go Be The Dragon Man!!!

    Dylan Dee