Neonlogic World 11 June


Hailing from Oporto bringing you deep and ambient beats into the atmosphere and beyond.

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9 comments on “Neonlogic World 11 June
  1. cc says:

    absolute mega set!i can hardly wait to listen second time!
    ty neon.

  2. theophilus says:

    Super set …wonderful..!!! Love it..this goes directly to my favs…!thanks !

  3. Ritchie says:

    Damn good set Neon, U know what we need….
    btw neon, whatz trackname thats starts from 50:00 min. awesome track!!!

  4. DJ MarkyB says:

    Great stuff Neon!!

  5. Kurupt says:

    yeeeeee yeeeeee))) Neonlogic

  6. Stelios says:

    Pure poetry without words…

  7. Henry says:

    Excellent Neon! Maybe a playlist if possible? Thank You!! Cheers!

  8. Voodoo Lopez says:

    Parabéns Neon! Obrigado pelo set… tive na praia e nao consegui ouvir. Summer is knocking my door here

    Big hug. 5 Stars

  9. reecool3 says:

    Congratulations as always

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