Nina Flower – Glasgow Deep – Ross Couch Tribute


Track Listing:

Kissing – Shur-i-Khan – Ross Couch Remix
Somebody Like You – Ross Couch (m stepanov)
Holding on – Ross Couch (original mix)
Dance with me – Ross Couch (original mix)
Deep in Detroit – Ross Couch
To Heaven – Ross Couch (original mix)
Lovebytes – Ross Couch
Future Shock – Ross Couch (original mix)
Can’t live without you – Ross Couch (instrumental mix)
Enlightenment – Ross Couch (original mix)
Closer – Ross Couch (original mix)
The Sunday Matinee -Ross Couch – The Jazz Files (original mix)
Migration (House Mix) – Ross Couch – The Migration EP
Good Love – Ross Couch – Summer Love EP
Kiss Kiss – Ross Couch – (original mix)- Final Frontier Ep
Face The Pressure – Ross Couch (original mix) Turn It Up EP
Stars – Ross Couch (original mix) Ross Couch Stars EP
Within Your Soul – Ross Couch (the Disclosure Project Remix) Night and Day album

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7 comments on “Nina Flower – Glasgow Deep – Ross Couch Tribute
  1. LyleDopeBoi says:

    Best mix i heard on Dogglounge, repping Chicago Nina I love you! Keep it up, real deep and up tempo pls come to South Africa

  2. junior giggs says:

    Full respect here to Ross! Awesome job Sara!!!!!

  3. IPx says:

    As I said before, this is an awesome set that deserves to be podcasted. Thanks for uploading it Nina!

  4. Voodoo Lopez says:

    Great one! Enjoyed the whole trip!

  5. MTB says:

    Fuc*king awesome Nina, great tribute to a wonderful artist, we’ll deserved respect to Ross C. FYI third track in is how I started the Toronto marathon with last May, brings chills!

  6. Darren says:

    Huge Ross couch fan, thanks for this mix Nina!

  7. G Sotero says:

    Superb you two, you and Mr Couch. (I missed only ‘We Danced’, how I got introduced to his work).


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