Out Of The Blue

An Impromptu Mix made live on Dogglounge while waiting to go playing @ a Gig I had on Saturday 30, 2010

Housefull………….and above 120 bpm.

No tracklisting for this one but ask me any title you want to know!


Keeping it jazzy and deep at 115bpm

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10 comments on “Out Of The Blue
  1. bite says:

    the picture looks unusual kinky for DL 😀

  2. Nikitos says:

    …its prime ..) tracklist?

  3. JP says:

    Please the name of the last song
    Greetings Jemaho

  4. Jemaho says:

    @JP, Playin’ 4 The City- Don’t Go

  5. Hey Jemaho, really money mix, what is the first tune after the intro?

  6. jemaho says:

    @ deepest of the deeps:

    Moodyman- Tribute To The Soul We Lost

    And the intro is part of it!

  7. kman says:

    duh-amnnnnnn son! sum fresh soundz @ 120…keepin’ mee goin while i werk! thanx jemz!

  8. boogie says:

    track name on 01:01:01 pls, ty 🙂

  9. jemaho says:

    @ Boogie: Blaze- Found Love

  10. edverano says:

    26.30 what it is?

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