Better Days

Another picture I took while in Cuba, Havana to be exact. This was of course pre rona when travel was cheap and sleazy. Cuba was like Florida for Canadians in the 80’s. Cuba is mostly stuck in another decade but there is a lot of modesty and kindness, but on the flip side censorship. One morning while out for a walk we hired a local to show us around, I brought up Castro, quickly the local shushed me and told me they don’t talk about politics in public. My loose lips were snapped shut and it made me very aware of my North American privilege and our ability to speak our opinions freely. I don’t know what the heck is going on right now in Cuba, but I can tell you the internet was spotty and very pricey and scarce to get! It was like dial up in the 90’s maybe a bit worse. The less access to Internet and the more censorship the easier for Governments to create a narrative. Yes I see the parallels happening here right now.. but to keep things positive, Cubans were some of the friendliest and most joyful people – and whenever music played they would be dancing, even in the airport! :). At least music is more difficult too censor.

Song – Artist – Album

So In Love fear. Heather Johnson (Orginal Mix) – Chris Brann – No Room For Form

Fragile (Original Mix) – Ross Couch – The Long Goodbye

MFPLA (Original Mix) – Dj Steaw – Get There In The End

The Party Has Just Begun – Dj Steaw – Get There In The End

Cruise Control (Original Mix) – Lucas Keizer – Lifestyle EP

In Love Again (Original Mix) – Chris Brann – No Room For Form

Lionels Jam (2021 Remix) – Miguel Migs – Defected presents House Masters

For Your Eyes Only (Original Mix) – Brooklyn Baby – Love Overdose

The Player – (Original Mix) – Brooklyn Baby – Love Overdose

Roll Up (Mallin Extended Remix) – Lee Wilson, Sam Dexter, Drive7 – Roll Up – Mallin Remix

Doesn’t Really Matter (Anymore) (Original Mix) – Sakhile SK – Secrets Of Heaven

Infinity (Original Mix) – Sean McCabe – Equilibrium

Take It on Up (Original Mix) – Sean Mcabe – Equilibrium

Flood Waters (Original Mix) – Lucas Keizer – Flood Waters EP

What U do 2 Me (Original Mix) – Schmoov! – While You Wait

Heaven (Weiser Mix) – Spiritchaser – Vaukts Series 2

Coral (Original Mix) – Spiritchaser – Spiritlevel 2

Touched – Tojami Sessions – The Next Ten Years

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