DJ Channing | Nebuchadnezzar Voyage 8

Another live deep house voyage for the Dogglounge family, listeners and DJs out there. It happens at Dogglounge Wednesday nights.

Thanks for listening ~DJ Channing / Morpheus

Enjoy the ride into deepness:

rawBeetz – Truth Seaker (Original Mix)
KDYN – Unusual (Original Mix)
Tell – In The Sky (Original Mix)
Fynn, Jas Artchild – Shrodinger’s Cat (Original Mix)
Burex – Emotion (Original Mix)
Bonkie – Patience (Original Mix)
Mezel – Deep In Space (Original Mix)
Random Fact, Alex Roman – Magic (W.NN.E Broken Dreams Dub)
7even (GR) – DeepWorld (Original Mix)
Marlon Kirk – Out Out (Original Mix)
Alex Sounds – Texture (Original Mix)
Pablo Bolivar, Sensual Physics, Krissky – Im Norden (Krissky Remix)
Born To Jam – Love Philosophy (Original Mix)
Dex Outro – Space Signals (Original Mix)

Spinning from the mile high city but originally from NYC, DJ Channing is known as the "King of Deep."

2 Comments on “DJ Channing | Nebuchadnezzar Voyage 8

  1. Another fresh and intimate trip to Nebuchednazzar from which I would not want to return. Thanks so much for sharing, Channing! Galactic!

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