3 Years of love and great good vibes shared in this station around the passion for Deep House. Need to send a big hug to all of you that support my work during this time, making me anxious every week to come the Friday and travel with you one more time. I’m not a very good dj, playing with cheap computer toys, but if you think that this is not an stress situation for me you’r wrong. You are watching me in the other side of the screen at the same time, so, in one sense, all of you are with me on the studio and I can feel the pressure.

That comes because all the dj’s here are really masters, solid rocks inside the Deep House, who despite the commercial way and a life more resolved in gigs and concerts, for keep on the basement and stay to preserve the flame and show the music for all the people who come curious about Deep House style. My respect and admiration.

For sure, in 5 years, when Deep not be in a trend, will be here to keep on the exploration. This is the best that technology offers to us today. There is no money that can pay the enormous pleasure, the company and the sensations that I get playing for you, and in this moments that money means a lot, and if you can, drop some coins on the box of the station, that only exist just about your donation support.

So this Voodoo Lopez the Third Year. The year of the Snake.

The year of a new transformation for me, and the secret of the energy who moves me is deep inside this radio. Every time you shake your head with me listening the floating vibes of the Deep, it’s not for the music, it’s cos this energy is inside of you. Use that and be a warrior in your life.


Cover art using original from H.Kopp-Delaney   http://www.koppdelaney.de/,



Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture


  1. Thank you Voodoo , sorry i missed most of the 3yrs but glad that i am listening to you now in 2013.

    I listened to the set live in the Bg but i would still like to have the download …cheers again mate.

  2. Well done Voodoo – like I said before….you move my mind, body and soul with music….sweet music!!!

    You the best Voodoo and your comments are always inspirational in these dark days.

    You THE DRAGON!!!!
    Dylan Dee

  3. Happy 3 Years! Glad I found this site and you! You’re style is impeccable! XoXoXo ♥

  4. Thank you very much Voodoo for each and every Friday that you play.

    End the hard weeks with something to look forward to.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary and look forward to many many more!

  5. Thanks for the mixes voodoo, you are definitely the best in the world .. keep it up! Come to South Africa soon lol

  6. you are up there with the rest of the DL DJ’s, never doubt yourself! We love and respect your talent and all the other DJ’s here….this is the best dance and deep house station in the universe!

  7. Respect for your work Voodoo!!
    Feel like Darren: ….this is the best dance and deep house station in the universe!
    …. and you are a part of this!!!

  8. Thanks all for the lovely comments, yes, I agree, this is the best Deep House radio station in the world because the fabulous regular program. Out of the dj mixes, 100% pure best deep house, full of great classics and a amazing new tracks, and the brain behind that music jewels list is Brian Owens, Mr Oddog. This means exquisite culture, sense of taste and serious background as dj to do properly.

    This radio is a miracle just for him. No adverts, no sponsors, only fighting to survive with listeners donations. Just for pure love to the music. And in this material world, this attitude and philosophy means a lot.

    This is a true House Family.

    Thanks all, thanks Oddog.

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