The Rhythm Section 2/7/20 (The R.I.P Scruff mix)

The recording from the dogglounge radio live set on the 7/2/20.
A sad day that i had to let a good friend go.
A dog named “Scruff” that worked hard and enjoyed life and been
the worlds scruffiest, shaggy, happiest sheep dog and a good friend
may she rest in peace.

Enjoy the mix


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4 comments on “The Rhythm Section 2/7/20 (The R.I.P Scruff mix)
  1. ge4shared says:

    My condolences! It’s always bad when a good long time friend has to go. Ask me how I know … 🙁

  2. Voodoo Lopez says:

    My condolences !

  3. junior giggs says:

    Solid mix this. Sorry for your loss. Stay strong.

  4. Sorry for what happened. Scruff was surely a great and loving friend. Thanks for your session .. a hug
    Scruff rests

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