Vangelis, Blade Runner, a big eclipse and some deep sounds to say welcome

to a new Spring season, from a future that never happened.

Thanks all the listeners during the show, specially the people in the chat room.


1 Lake Side in the Moon (Pablo Bolivar Remake) Hirotaka Miyamoto + Blush Response – Vangelis
2 Tree Of Life (Original Mix) – Pano Manara
3 Deep Dynamism (Original Mix) – Giuliano Rodrigues
4 Sander Frame – Immersion in Nature D M P Remix
5 I Wanna Know (Dave DK Remix) – Casino Times
6 Matheo Velez – Sunshine (original mix)
7 Take Care (Original Mix) – Francesco Carrieri
8 Abyss (Original Mix) – Manoo
9 Eye Wanna Lift You Up (Tom Flynn Warehouse Mix) – Rob Slac
10 Envision (Helly Larson Night Drive Mix) – Addex
11 Zak Zak feat. Bernard Siffert (Original Mix) – Pablo Bolivar, Mastra
12 Dreamers Of Free World (Cadatta’s Reminiscent) – Tom Hulst
13 Mike Preset – Rob Webber – Deep Mountain – Janno Kekkonen Remix
14 Morning Ray (Original Mix) – Pavel Svetlove
15 Sex, Drugs And Deep House – Janno Kekkonen
16 Kyoto (Jamie Stevens Remix) – Pedro Aguiar
17 Retroplex – Carlo Remix – Soul Minority
18 Gingo Biloba – Andrey Pushkarev
19 James Attera – Happiness – Original Mix
20 Absent Presence – Advanced Dreams

Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture


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