Voodoo Lopez: ELIXIR


Thanks a lot to all the listeners in the chat room for the great spirit and comments.
A deep movement to drive into the winter.

Track list

1- Sensual Colours (Nikosf. End Of Summer Colours Mix) – Nikosf.
2- Omid 16B – Free – Kevin Di Serna & Aless Remix
3- Kogyo – Equator
4- Lux – Brickman
5- Advanced Dreams – Motion 9
6- Deep Thoughts – Cadatta
7- Goran Geto – Chords and Clouds – Zoltan Ban Remix
8- Abyss (Original Mix) – Manoo
9- Illusions (Original Mix) – Brickman
10- On The Rocket – Doyeq
11- Flames – DP-6
12- On Soul – Forteba
13- Thaw (Original Mix) – Alexey Orlov & DP-6
14- Advanced Dreams – Airwalls
15- Midnight (Original Mix) – D.M.P
16- Brickman – Lazy Day Hook – Original Mix
17- Homebase (Riccicomoto Don’t Worry Remix) – Helly Larson
18- Pacific – Brickman
19- Cloudwalking – Jimpster
20- Sons Of Kronos (Original) – The Disclosure Project

Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture

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4 comments on “Voodoo Lopez: ELIXIR
  1. Val Sound says:

    Very very good compilation! The mix as always on high level sound! I noticed that the tracks are from the documentary “the SQUARE” a film about a techno DJ, starring Andrei Pushkarev. Music in General is similar, very deep sound! Thank you my friend Voodoo !

  2. Voodoo Lopez says:

    Thaks for the nice comment. Only track from Pushkarev documentary is Abyss, from Manoo. The night I’d watch the documentary I was on chat with Andrey, asking about why to choose that specific track to start the film, and he said that is one of his favorite ones. Also for me. In 2005 that track create an inmense attention about a new techno dub influences in deep house music, and was from a SA producer. The floating dub loops.

  3. CALVIN says:

    AMAZING…this,this,thisssss…FULL STOP.Less yada-yada more beats and bass.

    thank you Voodoo

  4. le twang says:

    Capturing the essence of the coolest season perfectly! I can almost sense the ice cracking underfoot and my breath crystallising in the air. Excellent Mix!

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