Voodoo Lopez – Make Love or Music (Valentine´s Special Guest Mix)


Hailing from Oporto bringing you deep and ambient beats into the atmosphere and beyond.

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6 comments on “Voodoo Lopez – Make Love or Music (Valentine´s Special Guest Mix)
  1. Voodoo Lopez says:


    Lujon – Henry Mancini
    Introduction (feat Mc Conrad) – Makoto
    River Song – Bebel Gilberto
    Smooth Summer Nights – Bioground
    Amor feat Shigeru Tanabu – Hideo Kobayashi
    Yesterday’s Gone – Orekid feat Lucie Cunningham
    Dame Más (Harly & Muscle Deep mix) – Julius Papp
    Te Amo (Phil R Deep Mix) – Rosa Morena Russa
    Love in the War (Pete Gust Kid remix) – Rucyl
    Shame (Atnarko’s Summer Mix) – Q-Burns Abstract Message
    Sweet Inspiration – Fresh & Low
    Summer Love (Prestor Bobby Remix) – Deep House Soldiers
    Eternally – Can 7

  2. kman says:

    woah…”yesterday’s gone”, “dame Mas”, Love in the war”, Shame, sweet inspiration…jus’ SOLID picks…luv the intro and exit jazzy numberz to suit the whole V-day theme…well done son!

  3. jemaho says:

    Nice selection of loungy and lazy track, all in the mood.

  4. Passharg says:

    Well done brother. Cheers!

  5. cc says:

    I hear Mancini’s sound from dogg,it’s special feeling!

  6. dj enigma says:

    SIK!! swanky!! and fresh!! love the deep house swanky VIBE!!! keep it UP!!

    Peace and dope to all!!

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