Voodoo Lopez: PLEYADES



When the music turns to a pulse, it’s because there is some Detroit energy inside. Something that you can feel coming from the center of the planet, that have the same vibration of the Om sound , that is the Sound of the Creation, the blast of the Big Bang that still today is reverberating across the space and time.

Putting aside my lyric moment, this is a good mix for all the Techno lovers that can recognize some usual names in the track list. A good one to enjoy during our travel to the stars in light speed mode

Specially dedicated to Jemaho on his Bday , and in the memory of David Mancuso, who was one of the first Dj’s who put the focus on the ambience and the atmosphere, the spirit, the quality in every aspect,  with the only purpose to join people with music that can touch your soul.


1 – Blaze Pr Cassio Ware – Fantasy Klubhead Mix
2 – Devotional – David Alvarado
3 – Being (Sascha Dive’s Soulwax Remix) – Negghead
4 – Kerri Chandler Jerome Sydenham – Powder
5 – Change Is Coming – Delano Smith
6 – Khettoroid (Dave Pezzner Remix) – Jay Tripwire
7 – Borderline (Original Mix) – DP-6
8 – Ritmo (Original Mix) – Danny Daze
9 – State Of Mind (Re-UP remix) – Larry Peters & Miguel Lobo
10 – The Message (Sascha Dive’s Downtown Remix) – Cevin Fisher
11 – Rain Dance (Darran Nugent And Larry Peters Remix) – Marc Poppcke
12 – Moosel – Reset Robot
13 – In the Mist – Argy & Sydenham
14 – Dreamer – David Alvarado
15 – On & On – Aril Brikha
16 – Slam Mode – Ibex Neutral Sedation in Noise Mix
17 – Ethereal – Vince Watson
18 – Digital Conciousness (Analog Trip Remix) – Rishi K.
19 – Do You Believe (Funk DVoid remix) – Tony Lionni
20 – Black Rascals Feat. Cassio Ware – So In Love (Shelter Mix)



Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture

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