Voodoo Lopez: RICOCHET




The best remedy against ignorance is to give the right information. The best way to manipulate people is giving the wrong information, the incomplete one or not give it, and also, of course, to directly lie to the people.

What if the media and internet companies are the same ones manipulating everything on the shadows?, for money or for power they need to sustain an ignorance statement to make they plots real without the knowledge of the people.

But sometimes, the bullet goes in the opposite direction.

This is the Ricochet effect.

Have a great week, enjoy and share.

And remember, House music is no a fashion thing, is a message to the people

from the underground.



Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture

5 Comments on “Voodoo Lopez: RICOCHET

  1. True that, “House music is definitely not a fashion thing, really music a message to the people of the underground”. As also ‘Eddie Armado’ said, “not everyone understands HOUSE music, cause it a spiritual thing, a mind thing, a soul thing”…

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