Voodoo Lopez – UNDERDEEP


Hailing from Oporto bringing you deep and ambient beats into the atmosphere and beyond.

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4 comments on “Voodoo Lopez – UNDERDEEP
  1. nono says:

    Thank neon and Voodoo!

  2. Voodoo Lopez says:


    Robert Owens – listen + Will Saul & Lee Jones – Hug The Scary (Intro Edit)
    Pete Gust – Space for Now [Original Mix]
    Alex Cortiz: Mesmerising
    Caffeine People – Devils Tail
    Jean Hibault – Reunion
    Lorise – Life goes on (Jimpster remix)
    Da funk – Me and the music
    Soul Minority – mozambique (original mix)
    Nikola Gala and I-kie – let it go
    Rosa Morena Russa – te amo (the_remixes) (bsc uthando dub)
    Terry Lee Brown Junior – Chatterbox
    Ocean Gaya – love thing feat scene
    Soul minority – Gotta move
    Shur-I-kan – Tubular
    The messenger – blue summer night

  3. luigi says:


  4. Dorfi says:

    mm great serata like italien people say for sets thanx neon and voodoo

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