Tiago Cardoso born in the City of Porto / Portugal, from very early began his passion for dance music, when he was 14, sonorities as the techno already made part of their musical tendencies, frequenting local clubs…. A few years later, gave way to his new favorite sound …. the name was House Music and National Dj’s like Tó Pereira (DJ Vibe), Frank Maurel or Carlos Manaça became big influences in what came to be his number one passion, deejaying.. At the age of 18 he began to practice in a friend’s house and two years later he had the opportunity to be resident in a local club with the chance to play with nationally recognized names. Ever since then, he has continued his work, being able to play in other clubs and private parties, pawned in several sonorities from Deep, Soulful & Funky house, going by the Progressive, Tribal and Electro House……. In 2004 he became interested in production, an area that he dedicates a lot of his time to learning, and creating works that he hopes to present as a professional in the near future. Since 2007 he started having a weekly residence streaming over the best online deep house radio “Dogglounge” and virtually on Second Life’s Dogglounge Club, with his already famous session called “Sexo Na Praia” Deep House Perfume!!

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