This is a bit embarrassing but the Odogg is broke as a joke. I’m -$1 in the PayPal account and you don’t even want to know what my personal account looks like right now. I should be all back to normal in a week or so but if you would like to help get the expired chat box back on it’s only $2 a month so any small donation to my PayPal would get that back on and functioning again.

Come on whaddya say? Buy Odogg a beer.


Thanks to Nancy, MarkyB, Voodoo Lopez, Kspirit, and MTB for the prompt donations!  The chat box is back online and MarkyB is bringing the heat on the stream!

If you haven’t donated we can still use the donations even though the emergency is over and the chat box is online.  As you might have noticed the site has been slow lately and we need to move to a new server so keep those donations coming and I’ll get to work on this thing.   Thanks again to the DJs, the people who donate, and to all the listeners/supporters.



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6 Comments on “HELP! [UPDATE]

  1. omg, i’m a broke-ass student on govt assistance and I gotta bail Wall Street out???? 😛

    man, you would owe me your second born child now if it didn’t cost me any money lol


  2. Just bought you a beer Odogg! Not enough to GET DRONK, but let’s hope everyone else does the same to what is a worthy cause! Cheers mate!

  3. Sounds like the crisis is over, but I just tossed a little extra from this paycheck over to you. Hope it helps, even though it isn’t timely…

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