Shoutcast 2!

The latest word on the interwebs is that Shoutcast is relaunching it’s website this week sometime and along with it a broad range of new features including:

search toolbar, Facebook application, SHOUTcast blog, new skins available in a variety of colors, as well as a new widget that can be integrated across several social networking groups including Bebo.

They’ve also mentioned improving broadcaster tools so perhaps this means Shoutcast DSP 2.0?! That would be sweet and I’m itching to see what kind of new improvements will be made especially since Shoutcast has virtually had minimal to no development since 1999!

Check these articles for more info: [switched] & [mediapost]

UPDATE: The new site is not up yet at but I found it running here check it out!

UPDATE [9.11.08]: New Shoutcast website officially launched!


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