catalyst: full circle

Recorded live at on New Year’s Day, 01 January 2017. The year has come full-circle, eh? 😉

I hadn’t planned on spinning a set on NY Day; it’s a holiday, right? But around 15:45, I realized I had nothing to do. So I decided to spin. I had to set up all my DJ equipment, though, as I’d taken it down for parties over the holiday. So I actually had a bit of a mistake during the 2nd track. (I remastered it to correct this error.)
Interestingly, the tunes from the set turn out to either be 3-5 years old, or less than 6 months old. Not intentional – just … full circle on Deep House style.

Thanks again to the folks who showed up in chat.


  • Slowly (Tennis rex), Viesse
  • Tanqueray – Original Mix, Ethyl, Flori
  • Just Like Heaven (Original mix), Lawrence
  • Saturday (BitterSuite Remix), BRS
  • It Was Amazing (Original Mix), The Disclosure Project
  • Dearly Devoted (Gorge’s Classic Remix), Evren Ulusoy
  • Sidewalk (Original Mix), Leandro Di
  • Delic (Original Mix), Ryo Murakami
  • Attio Nittio (Philipp Ort Remix), Kasbah Zoo
  • The Tracks Are Alive – Rozzo Remix, Pezzner
  • Sing It Back (Zev’s edit), Moloko
  • Point In Time – Micros Reverse Ride by Microstar
  • Air Race – Spiritchaser Remix, Raxon
  • Grass Is Greener (North Of Center remix), DONN T
  • Madness (Original Mix), Full Intention
  • Amelie Talking Two (Fog Remix), Fedor K
  • Vicious Cycle (Kinky Movement Kinked Up Mix), Lunabass feat. Jayne-Anne Power
  • Circles (Erik Polder Remix), JimmyJ
  • Music Airline (Original Mix), Impellizzeri & Stupia
  • Inhale Deeply (Bescheerer & Szenasi Remix), Sezer Uysal
  • Kicks – Original Mix, Nivek Tsoy

Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it's melodic, and epic.)

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