catalyst: high bar

black and white photo of blonde with wind in hair and couture clothing

black and white photo of blonde with wind in hair and couture clothing

Recorded live at Dogglounge on Sunday, 17 July 2016.

I’m not sure why I named this podcast this way. I did the mastering and artwork (which made me come up with a name), then forgot to upload the podcast. In the meantime, I’ve forgotten. I had just come back from Ibiza; though that doesn’t make me remember anything (probably was instrumental in why I forgot…).

Thanks to the folks who show up in chat when we DJs are playing. It’s nice to hear from people live.


  • Slowly (Tennis remix), Viesse
  • Bohero (Original Mix), Franky Hall
  • I’m Into This (Michael Gracioppo Remix), Homework
  • Sonar (Original Mix), H.o.s.h. & Uner
  • Monday Love (Original Mix), Gorge
  • Danser (Original Mix), Playless
  • A Better Man, feat. Donna Hidalgo (Seb Skalski n Masta P Remix), Staffan Thorsell
  • Master of Ceremony (Original Mix), Niko Schwind & Oliver Koletzki
  • Muzique (Original Mix), Impellizzeri & Stupia
  • Wonderful Chip (Bonus Digital Mix), Hanfry Martinez
  • Midnight (Sascha Riot Remix), Niko Schwind
  • Attic Nittio (Philipp Ort Remix), Kasbah Zoo
  • Simphony Drops (Simphony Drops Original Mix) (sic), Ultra Noise
  • Diamonds (Qmusse Remix), Le Vinyl
  • Will Be On My Way, SoulWave
  • Ahh (Original Mix), Junior Rivera
  • Henrietta (Original Mix), Gorge
  • Bossa Tre (DJ Dimi ReWork), Paolo Romano, Francesco Lamantino, DJ Dimi
  • Elevator (MAW mix), Jaffa
  • Human Blood (Original Mix), Deepkeen
  • The Great I Am (Spiritchaser Remix), Muzart
  • Rainy Things (Telepathy Dub), Tomson, Benedict
  • The Ego (Tristan Da Cunha Remix), Hector
  • Honey (Original Mix), Jose M. n Tacoman

Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it's melodic, and epic.)

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