catalyst: looking up

Recorded live here at Dogglounge on 2017 Feb 26.

Had a little rough start to the set today; the website here was down. So people who listen by visiting the page couldn’t start the stream. (And it took me a few minutes to find a direct URL I could use that bypassed the site problem & start my broadcast.) Odogg got it back running about 30 minutes in, so audience built back up.

As seems to be the case often with my set names & artwork, this title is taken from the weather outside. It has been unseasonably warm this winter / spring in Boston, and IMO, this isn’t a bad thing. The prospects for a mild winter & early spring are looking up, indeed.


  • Burnt (Original Mix) by Kiasmos
  • Thora Vukk – 12″ Edit by Robag Wruhme
  • Love Da Records (Deep Spelle Reloaded Remix) by Edmund
  • The Prayer (Mas Flores Deep Mix) by Pavel Petrov
  • Kicks – Original Mix by Nivek Tsoy
  • Red Valve (Original Mix) by Robert Babicz
  • Don’t Fly Away (Jimpster Dub Mix) by Acos CoolKAs feat. Nata Tomata
  • Jasmine (Original) by Michelle Owen
  • Naneth by G Spice
  • Deeper And Deeper by Ross Couch
  • Nobody (DJ Romain/Sharla Funk Remix) by Dj Romain And Sharla Funk, JD Smoothe, Ewonder
  • There Must Be Love (Kenny Carpenter Ozone Layer Mix) by David Morales, Janice Robinson
  • Sunday Morning – Original Mix by Todd Terry
  • Les cocotiers (Original Mix) by Paris Groove
  • We Need Love feat. Davos (Original Mix) by KlangKuenstler, dAVOS
  • French Morning (Original mix) by Chris Gavin
  • Lyra by Huxley, Mark Fanciulli
  • Hey Sunshine feat. Alexander (Antonio Giacca Remix) by Alexander, Sugarstarr
  • Who Knew Forever (Original Mix) by James Benedict
  • Autumn Walk (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) by Terry Lee Brown Junior, Helly Larson
  • Moyo (Freedomsound Remix) (Moyo Freedomsound Afro Deep Remix) by Egudileyo, Ewonder, Freedomsound
  • Prism (Original Mix) by Greg Stainer, Scott Forshaw

Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it's melodic, and epic.)

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