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photo of three purple dahlias

photo of three purple dahlias

Recorded live at Dogglounge on Sunday, 15 May 2016.

I had a fun idea to try: For each artist (composer or remixer) I played, I tried to play three tracks from that artist, back to back. I was able to do it with almost all artists…. (Thus, triplets.)

One side-effect is that the flow is a little odd; sometimes the keys don’t mix well, and the vibe moves around a bit. But it was a fun challenge.

Then, after 2 hours, I stopped worrying about triplets, just had fun for another (unscheduled) hour. A few folks in the Dogglounge chat were encouraging me to be a bit of a party DJ, so I ran with that. I stopped the recorded set at 3 hours, but kept going for another 45 minutes we (in the chat) were having so much fun. Thanks to ALL the Loungers in the chat that provided so much reinforcement.


  • Motorcitysoul:
    • Change You, feat. Ova soul (Shur-I-Kan Remix) - Motorcitysoul
    • Bitter Sweet Feelings, feat. Lu Chase (Motorcitysoul Vocal Version) - Christopher Wilde, Lu Chase
    • Deliver Me (Original Mix) – Motorcitysoul
  • Julius Papp
    • Let It Move (Original Mix) – Julius Papp
    • Inner Peace (Original Mix) – Dave Warrin, Julius Papp
    • A Thousand Years, feat. Gina Rene (Sunshine Vocal Mix) – Julius Papp
  • Stephane Pompougnac
    • Stupid Boy, feat. Melinda Som Phong (Original Mix) – Stephane Pompougnac
    • My Girl (Jeremy Hills Remix) – Stephane Pompougnac
    • Open Space, feat. Audrey Prem Kumar (Original Mix) – Stephane Pompougnac
  • Alex Agore
    • Driving Me Crazy (Vocal Mix) – Alex Agore
    • Emotionalist (Alex Agore UK Mix) – Nicolas Meyer, Alex Agore
    • Stay Together – Alex Agore
  • Redsoul (only two tracks)
    • We’re Under Pressure (Original Mix) – Redsoul
    • Cubed Jazz (Original Mix) – Redsoul
  • Atjazz (again, only two)
    • Ãâto (Atjazz & Boddhi Satva Remix) – Sage Monk
    • P3 Jazz (Atjazz Remix) – Rocco
  • Shaun Escoffery
    • Losing’ My Head (Peacetime Mix) – Monkey Brothers, Shaun Escoffery
    • So Sweetly, feat. Shaun Escoffery (Kenny Carpenter Big Apple Mix) – M&S
    • Nature’s Call (Idris Elba’s Ibiza Disco Mix) – Shaun Escoffery
  • Dave Nash (again, only two)
    • Wonder (Original Mix)
    • Keep It Up (Flaming Soul Deep Remix)
  • Evern Ulusoy
    • Dearly Devoted (Evern’s 500 Days of Summer Mix) – Evren Ulusoy
    • There You GO (Evern Ulusoy’s Erotic Soul Dub) – Reagan Grey
    • Deep Is All You Need (Evern Ulusoy’s Cosmic Deep Dub) - Edmund
  • Sami Dee
    • Found Love, feat. Melonie Daniels Walker (Sami Dee’s 67 East 3rd Street Remix) – Melonie Daniels Walker, Blind Colors
    • Best Of My Love (Sami Dee’s 67 East 3rd Street Remix) – The Emotions
    • Was That All It Was (Sami Dee’s 67 East 3rd Street Remix) – Pray For More, Barbara Douglas
    • Jambo Jumbo (Sami Dee’s Summer Breeze Mix) – Sami Dee
    • Superstition (Sami Dee’s Flamantic Remix) – Stevie Wonder
  • Various
    • My Cherie Amour (OskiDj Mix – Serious Man Re-Edit) – Stevie Wonder
    • 1999 (Scott Wozniak Classic Remix) – Prince
    • Riders On The Storm (Socio Robots Remix) – The Doors, Rassek

For those who were live, I stopped the recorded mix here (so I had a 3-hour set). BUT, the live broadcast party continued with:

  • Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix) – Gregory Porter
  • Ready For Your Love, feat. MNEK (Extended Mix) – Gorgon City
  • Church Lady (Original Mix) – Dennis Ferrer
  • Take Me Higher (Dave Warrin Remix) – Michelle Weeks, Don CArlos
  • Hallelujah (Robosonic Remix) – Kerri Chandler
  • The Prayer (Mas Flores Deep Mix) – Pavel Petrov
  • Wisdom of the Tribal Dance (Original Mix) – DJ Muzafille and Possessed Soul

Spinner of a broad variety of electronic music, but with a core love for deep house, really good electro / techno (for dancing), and trap / dubstep (as long as it's melodic, and epic.)

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