Deep House Sunday vol. 7

New Year, New Music for you!

  1. Be Free (Extended Instrumental) / Terry Grant, Spiritchaser
  2. Concentrate & Relax (Original Mix) / Jo Paciello
  3. Wanna Dance (Original Mix) / Kevin Yost
  4. Chasing Leaves (Main Vocal)/ Mo’Cream
  5. Look Around (Original Mix) / Mo’Cream
  6. My Boo Thang (Original Mix) / Kahnto
  7. Oui (Original Mix) / Deepmore
  8. Just The 3 Of Us (Original Mix) / Chemars
  9. Sunshine Love (Original Mix) / GooDisco
  10. Found House (Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa Funky Dub Mix) / Stranger Danger, Tobirus Mozelle
  11. Remind Me (Original Mix) / Mirko & Meex
  12. Burning Hot (Original Mix)/ Marc Cotterell
  13. Sunset Ballad (Moodena Remix) / Bellaire
  14. The Big Sun (Original Mix) / Jo Paciello, Raffaele Ciavolino
  15. Count On Me (Original Mix) / Chemars
  16. The Way I Do It (Original Mix) / Brine
  17. Those Eyes (Original Mix) / Intr0beatz
  18. Knocking On My Door/ Colau 
  19. Close to me (Original Mix) / Marc Cotterell 
  20. I Wanna Stay (Original Mix) / Henrik Villard
  21. Your Life (Original Mix) / Harley&Muscle
  22. Feelin, Feel It (Original mix) / Deep Emosoul 
  23. Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) (Coflo Soulful Mix)/ Karizma, Nicholas Ryan Gant
  24. Train 64 (Richard Earnshaw Sugarsoul Extended Mix) / Lee Wilson, Rony Breaker

2 Comments on “Deep House Sunday vol. 7

  1. A delicious way to start the year. A pleasure to have seen and heard her live. Thank you very much, Sara, deeply galactic!

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