DJ Channing | Dogglounging #1

We’re Dogglounging… .. .

Sharing how we vibe Wednesday nights at the station. Deep House Explorations, transmitted live from the Nebuchadnezzar. Enjoy… .. . *DJ Channing / Morpheus

Dogglounging #1 Playlist:

Tim Green – Citron (Original Mix)

Mr. Moon, Mey – Timelapse (Sebb Junior Extended Mix)

Andrea Cassino, Lio Q – San Telmo (Original Mix)

LEOESCO – Saudade Do Amor (Original Mix)

Joe Pastrano – I Feel (Original Mix)

Casa Devi – Peaceful Thoughts feat. Layal Watfeh (Pat Bedeau’s Bedfunk Remix)

Andrea Sardo – Free Anymore (Original Mix)

Rony Breaker, Shyam P – Get My Mind Right (Crackazat Remix)

Henrik Villard – What We Feel (Original Mix)

Harry Wolfman, Laurence Guy – Mole Jug (Original Mix)

Perry Farrell, Kind Heaven Orchestra – Mend (Tim Green Remix)

Andrea Cassino, Lio Q – Torrontes (Original Mix)

Dacosta, M-Sol DEEP – You Know My Heart (Original Mix)

Sergio Maldonado – Live Without (Original Mix)

Chada – Lucky Day (Original Mix)

Spinning from the mile high city but originally from NYC, DJ Channing is known as the "King of Deep."

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