DJ Channing | Visitors From High * Winter Solstice

Spinning from the mile high city but originally from NYC, DJ Channing is known as the "King of Deep."

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  1. Visitors From High * Winter Solstice
    All the details of that night. . .
    Commenced channeling 11:07pm,
    00:00 Repair – Lines Drawn (Original Mix) 03:47 Wolta – 5th Thing (Original Mix) 09:21 Lili, Ashmere – Tell Me (Original Mix) 12:15 Piper Davis, The Number Line – Fever Dream feat Piper Davis (Neighbour Remix) 16:13 Soul Academy – Your Love Keeps (Moe Turk & Joe Mitri Remix) 22:24 Submotion Orchestra, Andrew Ashong – Needs feat. Andrew Ashong (Seb Wildblood Remix (HK Serve Chilled 2016 Edit)) 25:33 Traveltech – Profile V2.0 (Original Mix) 30:01 Yow – Trilha Com Lu (Original Mix) 35:52 ZaVen – The Fisherman (Jero Nougues Deep in Miami Remix) 44:07 KoJam – Keep On Running (Original Mix) 46:34 Discofiasko – Running in the Labyrinth (Original Mix) 51:33 Sinan Kaya – Under the Sun (Original Mix) 12:03am, 55:53 Stimming, Urzula Amen – From One Cell (Original Mix) 1:00:41 Wolta – Blaq Baq (Original Mix)
    End transmission…

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