Dj Mark ‘Humf’ Humphries Live from Cyprus GR

This week on Music Therapy I was honoured to host Mark “Humf” Humphries hails from the U.K.and currently resides in Greece. Mark delivers a rock solid deep house mix streamed live from Cyprus.

Mark stumbled upon me while broadcasting on Mixcloud and reached out to have me play on his stream on Mixcloud. I was quickly taken with his style and vast knowledge of music and artists.

This podcast is Mark playing live on Dogglounge and I cannot say enough good things about this set; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You can catch Mark on Mixcloud where he dj’s and hosts dj’s from around the globe:

3 Comments on “Dj Mark ‘Humf’ Humphries Live from Cyprus GR

  1. Wonderful experiment, Dogglounge+Mixcloud live!!! I hope there will be more synergies like this in the future! Superb selection of tunes with an awesome Dj! Thank you Dogglounge! Unfortunately chat room is missing at Mixcloud, if I am not wrong.

  2. …I did not find live chat with Mixcloud Android app (updated to latest version), it is very likely that I missed something….from Windows Chrome there is this feature.

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