Music Therapy – Spring Equinox

Happy Sunday, Happy Spring Equinox, we made it 🙂 Cheers to new beginnings!

The picture I used for this podcast is a photo I took when I was visiting a bestie in Frankfurt Germany it was spring time. Not to much happening in Frankfurt,but there was a big town hall and people were eating sausage and drinking lots of beer. I could not help but think of the movie European Vacation.. and then decided to shop for some avant garde euro clothes, but it was not the 80’s, no big shoulder pads, and big box stores had taken over.. but later we went to a really cool techno club. It was in an industrial area, and no phones were allowed. Tt was fun and I streamed live with my phone. We came home when the sun came up and walked though the red light district and It felt sketchy and so did I. 🙂 House music always brings me back to the flow of life.

Track List

1) Feelin’ Pretty (Original Mix) Zetbee
2) The House of Jazz (THEO Remix) Romeo Louisa
3) Nothing (Original Mix) Tiptoes
4) Lost (Original Mix) Tiptoes
5) If You Want Me To (Unreleased Extended) Kevin Yost
6) Rthmx (Original Mix) Riveron
7) In The Pocket (Original Mix) Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai
8) Couch Lovin (Original Mix) Kevin Yost, Peter Funk
9) Keep It High (Original Mix) B&S Concept
10) Inherently Deep (Original Mix) Felipe Gordon
11) Freaks (Original Mix) Vincent Caira
12) Sunrise In Naples (Original Mix) Raffaele Ciavolino
13) The World Keeps Turning (Original Mix) Oggie B
14) all For Nothing (Original Mix) Chemars
15) Blow My Mind (Original Mix) Jazzman Was, Piem, Iban Montoro
16) After House (Original Mix) Hotmood
17) Interstellar Love feat. Roki Matt Johnson, Derrick Mckenzie
18) Deep In My Soul (Dub Mix) Zetbee
19) Hold On my Heart Zetbee
20) Ross Couch…..

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