12 Comments on “Nina Flower – Music Therapy -November 2012

  1. Great set Nina, but where’s the tracklist?

    Don’t understand why DJ’s refuse to put up sets WITH a tracklist?

    How are we as music enthusiasts able to go out and buy good music and support these artists when we don’t know what the tunes are and by whom?

    Not having a go at any DJ’s (especially you Nina) but I just thought it was time this was said.

    Hopefully it gets a reaction. So how about it Nina? Tracklist??

  2. It is not that I refuse to put up the track list, it is that I usually do not have the time, and I am very disorganized with my music, so it takes even longer 😉

    I believe music is for sharing and I would never hold back on sharing what I play, artists need the exposure !

    These days I work full-time and go to school full-time, but I will make a real effort next week to get the track list up for this mix 🙂

  3. Thanks for replying Nina, you’d be surprised how many times I ask DJ’s to put up a tracklist and my requests get ignored.

    You are right, artists do need the exposure and putting up a tracklist with your mix is one way to do that.

    I look forward to seeing your tracklist soon Nina.

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