Sara Scruton DHS 14

A cheeky little set featuring a few of my productions šŸ™‚

  1. Journey (Original Mix)/ RuzeĀ 
  2. The Passion (feat. KingCrowney) (AtJazz Remix)/Jimpster, KingCrowney
  3. Tremendous (Original Mix)/Lavan, Corsica One
  4. Gotta Find a Way (Main Vocal)/Mr. V, Mo’Cream
  5. Jazz Rhythm (Extended Mix)/Skygroover
  6. Mister DJ (Original Mix)/RUZE
  7. Hey Mr DJ/ Joss Moog
  8. Bassically (Cup & String Mix)/ B&S ConceptĀ 
  9. The Morning After(Korben Dallas Remix)/ Gamat 3000
  10. Better Way/ BLOCKJ4NE / Sara Scruton
  11. My Heart/ BLOCKJ4NE/ Sara Scruton
  12. Strolling/ Claes RosenĀ 
  13. Tredve Grader PĆ„ Balkongen (Original Mix)/Henrik Villard
  14. Dance Here/ FlarollĀ 
  15. Summertime/ Hotmood
  16. Dance With Me (Original Mix)/ Ross CouchĀ 
  17. Hey Hey/ MEUTE
  18. Afternoon Tribute/ Vernon
  19. Believe/ Deep South

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