Sara Scruton LoFi Session

  1. High Drama / Matt Large 
  2. Brunch/ Jobii
  3. Just Maintaining/ Sarah, the Illstrumentalist 
  4. In the Quarry/ Justnormal 
  5. Jazey/ Gregory David 
  6. I’ll Leave the Light on for You/ Matt Large 
  7. Poetic Wax/ Dusty Decks 
  8. Blow/ Duckmaw
  9. Why Did You Come/ Lucas Pittman 
  10. This House/ Gregory David 
  11. Merba Yate/ Guustavv 
  12. Crunchy/ Timothy Infinite 
  13. Green Cascade/ Jobii
  14. A Love Waltz/ Justnormal 
  15. Lalula/ Pittman
  16. Why Did You Come/ Lucas Pittman 
  17. After House/ Phello 
  18. Szechuan 
  19. The Sun’s Out/ Sarah, the Illstrumentalist 
  20. Brunch/Jobii 
  21. Skipping Rocks/ Justnormal 
  22. Classical Antiquity/ Jobii 
  23. Leave My Home (Original Mix)/ FKJ
  24. Open The Door (Original Mix)/ FKJ 

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