Sara Scruton – Red Light

The photo was taken a few years back when I was visiting one of my best friends who lives in Frankfurt.
I took this photo in the red light district which was much cleaner and safer than what I would imagine a red light district would be, it was full of colours and characters.. although walking through the area at 6am after the club was a bit of a trip ;).

I mostly improvised this set starting with tracks that reminded me of being in a plane off to a new destination; the sounds of Spiritchaser calming yet exciting and hopeful, from there I mixed new tracks that I dug through on Beatport Link, some nice sexy vibes I hope you enjoy!

Track List

1. Heaven (Weiser Mix) Spiritchaser
2. Raindown feat. Robina (Dub Mix) Spiritchaser
3. Visions (Original Mix) Spiritchaser
4. Orange Carrot (Original Mix) Black Loops
5. Higher (Original Mix) Black Loops
6. D-Twah (Original Mix) Brian Kage, Taho
7. After Love (Original Mix) Junior Sanchez
8. Feel The Same (Original Mix) Sebb Junior
9. Seb Junior Remix (Original Mix) Demarkus Lewis
10. Betcha She Don’t Love You (Sebb Junior Remix) Sebb Junior, Ruby Francis
11. Tuesday Night (Terrace Mix) Relativ (NL)
12. Kendricks (Saison Remix) Local Options
13. Roses (Extended Mix) Teta De La Course
14. The Rhythm Of Your Love (Radio Edit) Ross Couch
15. All Night Long (Radio Edit) Ross Couch
16. Tonight (Original Mix) Ross Couch
17. Joys (Purple Disco Machine Remix) Roberto Surface
18. If I Can’t Get Down (Mousse T’s Funky Shizzle Extended Mix) Mike Dunn
19. Reach the Stars – Moon Boots
20. Influence – Tonis
21. Paradise (Nathan G Remix) LTS
22. Everlasting (Original Mix) Dr. Packer
23. Loves’s Got Me High (Marc Romboy’s Systematic Soul Mix) Terrence Parker

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  1. Wonderful and suggestive photo cover of this session, indeed! Matching so well with these music deep tracks! Thank you for providing track list, useful to know better artists broadcast.

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