Last show from 2018, a really interesting year in my life, full of changes and karma justice. All the best to all of you, specially all that ones that will be forever in my heart. And to all the women that during this year show me that still are people with courage and dignity to face live, in good fight, with the tender advice, and the warming company of their souls.

So much thanks to all the listeners for your support and your spirit. We are family.

And so much thanks to the Dogglounge team. 100% quality people for play 200% quality music.

Dedicated to my cousin Regina, her smile will always live inside of me. Rest in Heavens.

Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture


  1. @ Voodoo: GREAT SESION mate!!!
    @ Steve N Brigitte Lehair second must be: Lovetronic – Your love – Mr Leighs deep in the felix re-boot

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