I wish to say THANKS to Raul Salas from Superplastika and the rest of the team for that great opportunity to show to the people a really great compilation of a few of my fav deep tracks to put finally the people dancing in Oh Yoko in Marbella warming up the Superplastika 4th anniversary party.

Yes, you gonna find a lot of my habitual ones and a good range of new tracks. Some problems with PA in the beginning that didn’t affect the recording (people from the club need to consider seriously buy a new decks and mixtable to avoid all laptops and cables all around).

But was a great night! From 0 to 100% a travel in rithym into Deep House to show all that ones that never listen this style to put the ears and the ass into the right tracks, so at least, if someone in the public knows the music, gonna find a great party, and for the new ones, they get trapped on the progression and the second hour most part of the whole people was dancing.

So this was the live mix, and you can listen as it was played.

Thanks to the group of old gang on the bar, dancing with style with mojitos in the hand.

Thanks to Simon, Walter, Andresa, Laura and my dear Susana for the support during the mix. You are beautifull pople! Lets get Deep in Summer Nights!


Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture


  1. What an amazing and awsome set!! A new masterpice of Master Voodoo Lopez. Thanks again for sharing your spirit with us listeners.

  2. Thank you for the pleasent hypnotic stream of deep house tracks. A tracklist would be wonderful! For example: what are the tracks at 0h:21min, 1h:12min (!), 1h:19min und 1h:40 min?

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