Some kind of diner party in the house of my friend Giuseppe, before we attack a superb fish… and great wine!

So, a travel from the darkness in the interior of this particular cave to the outside, under the soulful fireworks.

Half of the planet frozen, the other half in summer. We get a warm night under the moon and the stars.

Nice presents, nice food and nice people, inside and outside the net connection.

A big hug to all the family at Dogglounge, and please, keep supporting this land of freedom and love.

Big respect to all the Dogglounge Dj’s. You are the masters of my universe, shinning on the darkness to bring the powerful light of the eternal energy of the music.

And thanks Giuseppe, the fish was hell great !

Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture


  1. Thank’s Voodoo – my vibe was Tracks 1-12 (assume intro is = Track 0). The Dragons for me were tRACKS 6, 9 and 10! The break on 6 is so deep it’s insane – sent shivers down my spine!!!

  2. Much Respect to you Voodoo for this Set! Also I want to wish you a Happy 3 Year Aniversary here at Dogglounge! You are a true inspiration to me! ♥ Hugs ~Kspirit

  3. fantastic mix voodoo, enjoyed this alot.
    i guess its my 3rd year as well with Dogglounge, been listening to you for as long as you started out here. you are talented and i appreciate your talent.

  4. Listened today! Very much it was pleasant, with taste! Has heard about 1 hour, I will go tomorrow for work, I will hear to the end!!! Thanks huge! Music at you valuable. Good very much a material, a selection of tracks super!

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