Voodoo Lopez: TWILIGHT

First time in months, I was really dancing with the loungers on this really beautiful travel on Deep House. I can’t live without this place. This mix is dedicated to all the dj’s that we are in Dogglounge. Because this place is growing big in quality and dedication on Deep House Music. You, guys, are touched by God. Blessings and thankfulness.

And of course, for every lounger coming from the listeners inside the chat ‘cos they feel “wtf Dj is spinning this?” In he other side of the screen, is a lounger just here cos we are here spinning.
My dedication is for all of you.

Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture

11 Comments on “Voodoo Lopez: TWILIGHT

  1. Der Kandidat hat 100 Punkte! ….
    ……..this set must be packed into a voyager-shuttle on excurs to other “deep worlds” in space!!! Damned – one of your best work!!
    Respect Voodoo!!!

  2. As always….Awsome set again. Maybe i can invite you in the future to Hamburg for my Authentic House Party as DJ of the knight. Thanks again Voodoo.

  3. Great: new and unknown tracks – fantastic
    dance trip into deep!!
    One of the best tracks on this set at 32:00 min.
    Really a monster track! Exeptionally well…

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