Music Therapy – Fall Back

I took this photo last fall in Toronto. I always loved the idea of traveling across North America in a Volkswagen West Falia Camper, youthful dreaming but I would still be open to it. One time my sister and I drove from Toronto down to Key West, Florida in a brown Plymouth Aries Station Wagon, but that is a story for another day ;).

I used a short form of my alias Nina Flower this time, why? I am not sure tbh, I think I am feeling more fun than serious these days ;).

I hope you enjoy the mix!

Sara xo

Song / Artist

1. Human Beings (Atjazz Remix)/ Osunlade
2. R3SON8 (Original mix) / The Sunchasers
3. Odyssey (Orginal Mix) / The Sunchasers
4. Symetrical Moon (Original Mix) / The Sunchasers
5. The Broken Sax (Original Mix) / The Sunchasers
6. Butterfly (Demarkus Lewis Mix)/ Rafael Sorol
7. Love U Give (Dub mix)/ Demarkus Lewis
8. Cool Waters (Original Mix)/ The Sunchasers
9. Justified (Original Mix)/ Franck Roger
10. Everyday We Vibe (Extended Mix)/ Demarkus Lewis
11. Soul of A Nation (Dubtastical Mix)/ Demarkus Lewis
12. I Forgot You feat. Clyde (Original Mix)/ Atjazz
13. Born Bread (Original Mix)/ Franck Roger
14. Hypnotized (Original Mix)/ Franck Roger
15. ddl Forgot You feat. Clyde(Original Mix) Atjazz
16. Gruv Select (Original Mix)/ Demarkus Lewis
17. Burn It Down (Original Mix)/ Demarkus Lewis
18. Burning up/ Ross Couch
19. What About Fun/ Franck Roger
20. Kendricks (Saison Remix)/ Local Options
21. You Know 106 (Original Mix)/ Introbeatz
22. Morning Feelings/ Discosteps
23. Path To Shaolin/ Ross Couch

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