There was a Time when Deep was clearly diving into the true roots of electronic music, one step on techno side with the loops, sequencers and athmosfere, and the other one in the jazzistic, soul and danceable path of the House. Househeads around the world can recognize every label, every imprint and see the evolution, the mark of every producer, the intensity, the travel, but there is a common aspect in Deep: This is an underground thing. Could be nice in the commercial side, but roots are roots, so I puke everytime I read in wikypedia or other net blogs the commercial side, forgetting the real names, because theres is a commercial interest to promote new media clowns, that finally are turning Real Deep into Eurobeat.

But today there are new ones that still are heading the roots and paying respect for the legacy in this House style.

Some examples of that  in new promos on the show, with usual suspects that you must know very well.

As we suffer some technical problems during transmission, extra time for enjoy. So much thanks to Odogg for the effort to keep this spaceship in function, at lightspeed.

And if you are one of those who claim to spin “Melodic House” move to other station. We are a serious dangerous motherfukers with what we do.

track list:

1 – Playin’ 4 The City – Spirits
2 – Vegard Solbakken – 01 Higher Clouds (Original Mix)
3 – Don Carlos – Voyage
4 – Raining Souls – House Of 909
5 – Iulia Temple (Album Version) – Taho
6 – Luna Twilight – Brian Kage
7 – High Speed Travel (Part 3) – Textural Being
8 – Groove On – Nasr
9 – JIZZ – Onyx (Original Mix)
10 – Kebi – Asherah
11 – On The Spin – Attek
12 – Rollin – Denyl Brook
13 – Well See What They Say – Brooklyn Baby
14 – Tony Lionni – Deep Inside
15 – Hold You – Attek
16 – Story Of Love – Dub Striker, Nine O Clark
17 – You Know – Max Telaer
18 – Vegard Solbakken – 03 Spring (Original Mix)
19 – The Dogma Code – Sahar Z & Navar
20 – UY Scuti – Dub Striker
21 – Rabbit In The Moon – Fred H
22 – Wires – Delano Smith
23 – DP-6 – Sorrow – DP-6 Dub
24 – Alpha Rain – Taho
25 – Hot TuneiK, Lanvary – Memories Lanvary Remix


Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture

5 Comments on “VOODOO LOPEZ: SKYBAR 909

  1. Hey Voodoo – thanks for this set and for your real words!!!
    Just hear “Part 2” of it – its awesome music. Love your kind to sample all the great music – to bring us the spirit of DeepHouse from our ears right in the deep of our hearts. Big hug – stay healthy!!!

  2. Otra vez Voodoo lo has conseguido!
    Gracias por esta música divina, Dios mio es lo más!
    No hay nada como dogglounge en todo el espacio interestelar! ??

    (por cierto, hace meses que quiero hacer una donación, como todos los años, para contribuir al mantenimiento de esta joya y ayudaros a mantenerla, pero salta un error y no se puede seguir adelante…he escrito al mail de contacto comentandolo, pero nadie ha contestado, sabes algo de esto tú?)

  3. Dogglounge is by far the best Deephouse channel I know, and your mixes are still outstanding. This one is incredibly deep and was already added to my all-time favorite list. Thanks for this masterpeace despite of some connection issues!

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