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Want to make Dogglounge easily accessible on your iPhone?  Of course you do!  Here’s how to bookmark the Dogglounge web app to your iPhone home screen. First go to https://www.dogglounge.com/iphone from the Safari browser Click the + icon from the …

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Now you can listen to Dogglounge with your iPhone by going to: www.dogglounge.com/iphone This feature will allow you to do some multitasking while the DL streams to your iPhone (except for the Safari web browser, oh well we’ll take what …

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Shoutcast now has an iPhone App you can use to listen to Dogglounge with. Okay yah so you could also listen to the 25,000 other stations listed there but why would you wanna do that for? huh? huh? [Shoutcast]

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