Lisbon is one of my preferred destinations in Europe, that reflects the portuguese spirit of respect for the tradition with a successful mix with modern style. In a global world, they found the way to leave untouched their identity, his hospitality and the soul of a city that it’s built with a well arranged cultural, artistic, gastronomical and social activities. 

Bairro Alto, the center of the nightlife at the downtown, it’s the perfect combination of any kind of new and old proposals, where Fado coexists with rock or electronic music, and the streets guides you trough a secret voyage into a vibrant eclectic scene. The “Bairro” it’s the hidden volcano of the portuguese capital, always in activity, that for sure will surprise you.

This mix try to reflect all this feelings during my visit.

Special mention for the track from Jemaho’s “Detroit Lab”, thanks Jem for give me the promo.

 A big hug to Maurizio Bellini on his Bday

Deeper vibes from Atlantic south coast of Spain to make you travel on Deep House, Soulful House, Disco, Tech House, Dub Tech and all about House music culture


  1. 1 Tremor (Original Mix) – Kindimmer
    2 Quietly (Original Mix) – Adva
    3 Without You – Walking Shadow
    4 In The Heat Of The Night – Kiano & Below-Bangkok
    5 La Profonde (OstO Remix) – Christian G
    6 You Know (Muveo remix) – Dequency
    7 Tomorrow (Charles Webster Remix) – Jona
    8 What to Do (Deep Vision) – Pablo Bolivar
    9 Hamza & Audio Units – ‘Chez-Guru’ Spirit Catcher’s Remix
    10 Jemaho – Detroit Lab
    11 Nosak – 24:00 – MDR Remix
    12 Getaway (Alternate Mix) – Louis Benedetti, Selan
    13 Vision (Anthony Nicholson Remix) – Glenn Underground
    14 Benedict – Sasse & Stelios Vassiloudis
    15 Recovery (Pablo Bolivar Remix) – Eartone
    16 Wavy (Original Mix) – Rico Casazza
    17 Today – Mr. Stylus
    18 Consequence (Original Mix) – Fabian Dikof
    19 The Disclosure Project, Fathead Johnson – Higuita – The Disclosure Project Remix
    20 Fully Aironditioned (Nestora Unconditioned Remix) – Cadatta
    21 La Lune (Satya Hinduja Remix) – Hamza, Audio Units

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